Sebiy Pred 4 urami
Giannis and Embiid should lead the MVP race, and who wins the east between them 2 should win it
donnell tyce
donnell tyce Pred 4 urami
I wish she didn't have a boring voice...the most phony enthusiasm 🙄
Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch Pred 4 urami
Kyle korver in the making
Justin Spiggle
Justin Spiggle Pred 4 urami
Someone put This man to bed, normally I agree with this dude but naw homie you’re way outta pocket here
Topsy Kretts
Topsy Kretts Pred 4 urami
Harden is having an MVP season without even trying. Lol.
James Missen
James Missen Pred 4 urami
This guy is clearly a fan boy. Obviously Djoko didn't intentionally go for the line judge, but regardless, he still made contact with her. Remember Nalbandian at Queens? He didn't intentionally harm the line judge, but he kicked the hoarding in anger and that caused harm to the line judge. Same rules for all!
luis lopez
luis lopez Pred 4 urami
omg yass
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime Pred 4 urami
Espn be reachin so hard
#halamadrid! #patsnation! #gopats!!!!
#halamadrid! #patsnation! #gopats!!!! Pred 4 urami
Steelers: Arsenal! Saints: PSG!
Trey IM2
Trey IM2 Pred 4 urami
I wasn't a fan of Houston Harden, at all, and didn't want him, at all, on my Nets but dude has definitely become a MUCH better player since being on my squad and I give him incredible props....however, while I can see why ppl would think of him as MVP (to me, he's been the best of the 3 supes on my squad, period), I can't give that. Personally, so far, I think Embiid is MVP. Bron is in the running. We still got over half the season left so we'll see how things shake out.
mike collins
mike collins Pred 4 urami
How come the NFL plays vets and dudes in their prime the same way? Take notes from the NBA and give them some load management. Ben started off great and predictably faded--Steelers should've sat him at least twice in addition to the bye to save his arm--also needed a running game so he didn't have to pass it 100 times per game. They handle handle them like they're young bucks and them act surprised when their arm is dead by week 13.
Bigchris Big chris
Bigchris Big chris Pred 4 urami
Do bad they played the lakers right after this and got destroyed
Hengel Andrews
Hengel Andrews Pred 4 urami
Saints can hide Brees and carry him to a conference championship game at least. Steelers aren’t built to hide Roethlisberger, they don’t have a Kamara or a Hill to do gimmicks.
EJOne Pred 4 urami
JWill is an absolute clown
P L A M O O T I L Pred 4 urami
Knowing Wentz- he’s probably demanding a trade out of Indy over this.
Toucan Pred 4 urami
Stay off the Weeeeeed!
Random Person
Random Person Pred 4 urami
Joel embiid is leading the race the media doesn’t want a big man winning it
steven lowe
steven lowe Pred 4 urami
Jason Williams is a goofy with this James Harden MVP lead... Did he not start the season off with L after L with the Rockets... MVP is a Season of body of work not a 5 game winning streak....
The Kid Fame
The Kid Fame Pred 4 urami
I believe Jordan and West would want it to be Kobe..
John Mehaffey
John Mehaffey Pred 4 urami
My only regret about Tom is that he and Randy moss didn’t win a Super Bowl together, Randy has a great football mind and Tom said that when they played together Randy brought a lot to the team
Poitier Jackson
Poitier Jackson Pred 4 urami
I don't think Watson is that great 🤔
WILSON! Pred 4 urami
When three morons try to make sense of someone liking someone they’ve been trained to hate, and when they can’t come up with any reason, so they point and call it stupid. Haha!
Jordan Bron Kobe Goatsss
Jordan Bron Kobe Goatsss Pred 4 urami
Its embiid or lebron
MAX AJ Pred 4 urami
Imagine taking jwill opinion seriously
Nate H89
Nate H89 Pred 4 urami
hopefully you didn't run out of adjective when describing his shot.
Jay Calloway
Jay Calloway Pred 4 urami
Harden is very good but he isn’t even the MVP on his team.🤦🏾‍♂️
H Pred 4 urami
Neither is Lebron. AD is
Juan R
Juan R Pred 4 urami
Juan R
Juan R Pred 4 urami
He's is lol
One up One down
One up One down Pred 4 urami
Top five off the ball shooter
Tyson Newberry
Tyson Newberry Pred 4 urami
Bob Pred 4 urami
Tyson Newberry
Tyson Newberry Pred 4 urami
Big Ben
Siddy Fisher
Siddy Fisher Pred 4 urami
Man J Will needs to just stfu. Embiid deserves it
Cntbs3rius Pred 4 urami
After being down 28 points in the first quarter of a playoff game, Big Ben still gave you 37 f****** points... How is he washed??
Erik Colon
Erik Colon Pred 4 urami
gerel denola
gerel denola Pred 4 urami
No ones talking about how klay shoots the ball
James K
James K Pred 4 urami
So we just gonna act like the start of the season never happened?
Arianne Pred 4 urami
Too bad a scumbag criminal stole all of Deion's personal property out of his office at Jackson State.
Gavin Innes
Gavin Innes Pred 4 urami
FFS. Just plain dumb.
Video Ezy
Video Ezy Pred 4 urami
no practice was harmed in the making of this game
SuperTDSmith Pred 4 urami
no let ben retire and drew come to the steelers
MAX AJ Pred 4 urami
F no .. still lebron
Dezsi Da God
Dezsi Da God Pred 4 urami
Steph Curry for MVP
P. F.
P. F. Pred 4 urami
Can't be MVP when you have AD next to you, and lose games without him and Schroeder. Let Lebron do what he does best: stat pad to catch Kareem's point record.
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime Pred 4 urami
Kareem's record is meaningless. My god why do so many fans think passing a scoring # means something? How many games he took to pass that # is what really matters 😉
Leland Joseph
Leland Joseph Pred 4 urami
Is that why he over passes?
Dezsi Da God
Dezsi Da God Pred 4 urami
Jokic or embiid then Luka
504 Mondo
504 Mondo Pred 4 urami
Drew is retiring he already gave money back to the saints by restructuring his contract if you plan on coming back you don’t give up that kinda money
J El Native
J El Native Pred 4 urami
Heat nation 🔥
Anthony Glover
Anthony Glover Pred 4 urami
Drew arm is shot. He can't make a 25 yard pass. That is a major problem. Winston should take the reigns for the saints.
Kareem Bell
Kareem Bell Pred 4 urami
Drew is done it's over he can't throw the ball down field his arm is shot .... He holding the offense back to be honest last 3 years in the playoffs he's the reason they lost always throws the critical int
Bret Viola
Bret Viola Pred 4 urami
He’s got a g-g-g-good brain. 🥴LeBron, you’re a joke!!!!
Terrence Burke
Terrence Burke Pred 4 urami
MPJ is a second year wide out. He made under a million last year. Casron is a vet and he has a huge contract making over 30 million!!! Carson is the franchise QB! Pittman had what 2 TD's last year??? In the playoff game he had only 1 catch!!!!!! My dude give up your number!!!! Your not that dude at all! If you want Carson to pass you the ball give up his number!!!! How can a guy who is basically a rookie tell a vet no????? Plus the vet could give him his rookie salary for that number! And he says hge doesnt want the money????? FOH! Get that money and switch your number!!!
Dezsi Da God
Dezsi Da God Pred 4 urami
Jokic is the MVP this far
Hood Tendencies
Hood Tendencies Pred 4 urami
So are we just gonna forget all the mess he started in Houston before he got to Brooklyn
Dezsi Da God
Dezsi Da God Pred 4 urami
Luka is MVP
NP148 Pred 4 urami
For Chicago, Allen Robinson is gonna be gone unless he's franchise tagged. San Fran has already declared Jimmy G as there Franchise QB. Best option I see is Miami. Winning record, young roster who can improve and IMO, underrated WR in Devante Parker
Neeraj Sabu
Neeraj Sabu Pred 4 urami
Expression at 1:09 says everything😂😂
Ciscero Pred 4 urami
Yeah brah this year is showing me James Harden is even better than we thought he was and he was already an mvp. Gaining even more respect for his game
Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross Pred 4 urami
Dawg if drew wasn’t hurt vs the Bucs and Michael Thomas we would’ve beat them again
Keenan Nash
Keenan Nash Pred 4 urami
Drew wasnt hurt anymore than any other NFL player is at that point if the season... but if the excuse helps you deal with the Saints choking again then go for it.
J13 Pred 4 urami
Michael Thomas I understand but Drew is washed. He really hasn’t been the same since the cowboys whooped them a couple yrs ago
Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt Pred 4 urami
I remember 2 years ago watching him in summer league and thought to myself he got to make the team. Because that year Heat did not have any draft picks so Dunc was the only rookie that made the team. Even though he did not play that much that season he and Wade came off the bench for the Heat and had a great chemistry right away. His stardom was highly anticipated. So Happy.
Jayson Walker
Jayson Walker Pred 4 urami
It really doesn’t matter my favorite team sucks when Sports reporting goddess Katie Nolan is delivering it.
Austin Forge
Austin Forge Pred 4 urami
Absolutely not gonna happen lol
Vince Lamb
Vince Lamb Pred 4 urami
The numbers speak for themselves lol James is definitely the best player in the league right now
Random Dude
Random Dude Pred 4 urami
Embiid way better
Big Moist Nipples
Big Moist Nipples Pred 4 urami
Give me what you're smoking this instant.
Big Moist Nipples
Big Moist Nipples Pred 4 urami
Man the media is down tremendously they don't wanna see Joel win they'd rather have LeBald James.
Reilly Davis
Reilly Davis Pred 4 urami
ESPN is trash but this show is the worst
Caesar T
Caesar T Pred 4 urami
MVP hands down rn
Trevor Handberry
Trevor Handberry Pred 4 urami
Bro...what?! (Westbrook face)
Jan Veidt
Jan Veidt Pred 4 urami
Jerry West has been the logo for like 50 years now. Everybody knows that logo. God knows the amount of money that logo generates just by itself. So to change it now, I mean... would be willing to bet that if the did change it, they'd be changing it back to Jerry within a year!:D
Kanni Budz
Kanni Budz Pred 4 urami
Melo cooking all them boys now 😂😂😂😂
Shawn Turner
Shawn Turner Pred 4 urami
I thought it was about the WHOLE season. Harden is playing great, BUT, did we forget about how Harden started the season?
DASAFACT Pred 4 urami
with 44 and 17.....
J H Pred 4 urami
Because he wanted out?
dee essex
dee essex Pred 4 urami
Harden is the real MVP
Herb Young
Herb Young Pred 4 urami
LeBron will never be allowed to tie MJ in mvps. Harden winning mvp is a joke. Besides LeBron, it should be Embiid. Nets big 3 shouldn't win any individual awards since they cheated the game. They'll get their no respect championship.
Big Moist Nipples
Big Moist Nipples Pred 4 urami
@Random Person Really to be honest Dwayne Wade was washed after 2011 and he had Bosh and an old Ray Allen, the Heat really weren't as great as people think.
Random Person
Random Person Pred 4 urami
But Lebrons first two do?
Big Moist Nipples
Big Moist Nipples Pred 4 urami
Embiid is averaging 30 and 12 and has been probably the best defensive player this season with a team that's one if the best in his conference. James Harden has been great but with the antics he pulled in the beginning of the season I doubt he's first.
Sindile Vabaza
Sindile Vabaza Pred 4 urami
wait, Harden has two all world teammates and the best spot up shooter in the league in Joe Harris and he is MVP frontrunner? This after Luka beat the brakes off him again?
BigBody Gaming
BigBody Gaming Pred 4 urami
@P R neither is Joe Harris lol he plays like Klay. All of the great shooters in the NBA don't spot up for 3s. They all run around screens 99% of the game.
P R Pred 4 urami
@Stinky Pete if we're talking g currently Harris is shooting 50% from 3
Juan R
Juan R Pred 4 urami
Hardens playmaking is making joe harris look like an all star
P R Pred 4 urami
@BigBody Gaming but Steph's role isn't a spot up shooter. If he has a spot up shooter sure but that's not his role. Harris is shooting like what 50%
Stinky Pete
Stinky Pete Pred 4 urami
@BigBody Gaming if we’re talking catch and shoot prowess I think you’re forgetting that Duncan Robinson exists, but your point still stands that man is knockdown
One up One down
One up One down Pred 4 urami
I’m glad Miami has him. His cutting to the basket is very good as well.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Pred 4 urami
Tim Duncan and David Robinson are not as good
qt swirls ruffles yt
qt swirls ruffles yt Pred 4 urami
ESPN that lamelo D taste good?
Kristian Dotson
Kristian Dotson Pred 4 urami
They trying they best to keep it from Joel Embiid and it’s honestly sad..
LeGoat James
LeGoat James Pred 4 urami
It's because he's an African brotha!! 😔😔
Grindhardlio Pred 4 urami
Lebron is MVP PERIOD !
My Name Thomas
My Name Thomas Pred 4 urami
Embiid the mvp right now.
Big Moist Nipples
Big Moist Nipples Pred 4 urami
LeBum needs AD to win.
Tahjire Gill
Tahjire Gill Pred 4 urami
Wow so he js skips bron embid and Dame like that huh??🤦🏽‍♂️😭
Bradyn Reeise
Bradyn Reeise Pred 4 urami
Bears got to trade Khalil Mack and jaylon Johnson for russel Wilson then sign jj watt
Lee Allen
Lee Allen Pred 4 urami
It’s not as bad the third or fourth time? 🤷‍♂️
Ren Pred 4 urami
No tf he isn't